Dogs vs. Men

21 Mar 2013, Posted by BoB in All Posts, Personal Topics, Spiritual Talk

I am going off the regular IT beaten path to share something I learned this past weekend. I had the pleasure of hearing a Christian speaker that shared some information with me that would help in future relationships that I choose to have.

The Bible says that Adam (the first man) was given a woman by the name Eve (the first woman) because God felt man should not be alone. Eve was formed from a rib that was taken from Adam.

Now a days, there are men and there are what some have labeled dogs. Men, like Adam, are looking for their “Eve” (a rib) while dogs are looking for their next “hit and run” (a bone). The Christian speaker shared a list with me that I will now share with you (to the best of my memory), see below.

Out to get hers
Attacks a man’s vulnerabilities
Destroys homes
Invests totally in children
Makes herself look good
Can be picked up any time of day
Out to get ours
Protects husbands vulnerabilities
Builds up home
Invests in husband (brings children into purpose of home)
Makes husband look good
A treasure to be found

Notice how there is no mention of husband on bone’s side. But, there is still hope for bones to learn how to be ribs, just like there is hope for dogs to evolve into men.

3 things men need in there life: A “Father”, “Friend” and “Son”. These can equate to a mentor, someone for encouragement/accountability and someone to pour in to.

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