Christian Music Shift

22 Nov 2016, Posted by BoB in All Posts, Personal Topics, Spiritual Talk

For those that came up in an era where Christian music was not all that appealing compared to Hip-Hop and other genres. Those days are over thanks to pioneers like these.

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All this fakin’ got me feelin’ out my element
If you aint live through it dont embellish it
If it aint the truth
Its irrelevant
Its evident
We here to cut the spokes off that bull that you peddlin’
Aint no White House
Heaven is my residence
We the lighthouse
Yes You are the president
Hit the block where the gospel aint never been
Living water blowing out the trunk like an elephant
This cross aint for stuntin
Boy you know whats up
If its God over money
Then you know its us
Im prayin for the hood
Like the motor stuck
Take you to my God father
Get your homie touched
Made a shift
God’s word sticks
So you know we clutch

I see the love is gone
Where they put it at?
This world so cold
I think I need a knitted cap
And a bubble goose
With a bigger gat
Bubble and the truth
So what you think of that?
Chain breakin
… that soul
… really tho
They aint really with it
Thats just in their video
Say just what I want
Im a g
You dont hear me tho
Got life but ready to die like Im Biggie tho
God over money
But money’s a tool
Might go to jail if you dont go to school
Young Blacks and Latinos
Across the whole nation
They standing up on us
Just holding their jewels
So theyre confused
Dont know what to do
Know that theyll lose
Dont know that theyre fools
I show them the rules
And quote them the news
And tell them theyre value is more than their shoes
Get your life up on the move
Christ the flow to choose

These suckers bogus
Theyll lust for showbiz
And disgusting motives
Made them put a price on their souls
And for a few bucks they sold it
And they take the truth and stretch it
Like they instruct aerobics
Theyll make it look like all this sin is cool
Theyre corrupting your kids
We must expose it
Like glocks im loaded
And the cannon of scripture
Our clutch is just explosive

Its enough to go there
So use this cannon to adjust their focus
And point to one that can save your soul from destruction
Yo Biz
I pray when they hear this track
Theyll do more than cheer and clap
I pray they see this picture clear as Miramax
So the snares that trap their spirits would just tear and snap
We spit them lyrics that appeals to cats where the spears impact
And mash on these rappers cuz the youth dont need to hear this crap
This cross aint for stuntin
Boy you know whats up
If its God over money
Then you know its us
… twist my fingers and i throw it up
… be my clique
But keep the serpent in the cobra clutch

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