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10 Aug 2013, Posted by BoB in All Posts, Business Talk

Ever wanted to start your own business? Didn’t know where to get started? Well let me help you out some. I will start with what it takes to get started in VA since that is where my organization is located.

VA – Articles of Incorporation ($100.00 USD)
In order to operate in VA (the link will be different depending on what state you live in) you will need to register your organization. It will most likely be a LLC/Sole Proprietorship. Contact me for specific states.

Business Plan – Templates ($0.00 USD)
Give your company some goals and direction.

Business Plan – Samples ($0.00 USD)
Give your company some goals and direction.

Not good with writing, please contact me and I will put you in touch with who I used for mine.

IRS – Employee Identification Number ($0.00 USD)
In order to pay taxes, acquire credit, open a bank account, etc. under your organization’s name.

QR Code Generator ($0.00)
Ever wanted to generate one of those square codes with your company and personal information? Check out this link.

SWAM (Small, Women and Minorty Owned Businesses) Registration

VA Commercial and State Government Contracts

Business Cards (starting at $200 and includes 100 premium cards)
Let people know about your new organization.

Website (approximately $800)
Let people know about your new organization and establish a presence on the web.

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