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03 Apr 2011, Posted by BoB in All Posts, Personal Topics

Hello all, any questions that you may have, take a look at one of my categories and ask any question you want… I hope I can help. I have been in the technological field for years. I have done things such as sound board operation and video mixing for live concerts, weddings, church services and other events. I have worked on vehicle stereo, video and security systems. I have installed cabling in buildings and homes for home theaters, hi-tech user interfaces, video and computer projection and much more. I am also proficient with computers, website scripting and computer graphics design. Wow, a lot right… what if I told you this all started in a church (see post). So as I said earlier, I am here to help where I can.

  • william saint

    yes sounds nice
    welcome to the club
    I am also a website freak
    I have a diploma in web-business development and marketing at
    alison advanced learners interactive online systems


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